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Turning Slicer - Horizontal
This manual turning slicer creates spiral cuts, and vegetable or fruit noodles in seconds. The slicer is an easy-to-use, handy tool that makes zucchini spaghetti, cucumber ribbon strands, curly fries or long, spiral apple strands. It includes three blades: the shredder blade produces long spaghetti-…

Dough Cutter - Expandable - 5 wheels
Quickly and easily cut dough strips to make pie lattices, fettuccini, lasagna, farfelle, squares for garganelli pasta, breadsticks, and more with this expandable, 5-wheel dough cutter. The dough cutter cuts strips of dough from 3/8" to 4-7/8" wide and up to 7/8" thick.

Poultry Shears - Soft Grip
These poultry shears feature the perfect balance of professional-quality cutting and soft, comfortable grips. The sharp stainless steel blades are ideal for trimming and cutting poultry, and the blades are curved and tapered to access hard to reach places. The micro-serrated blade grips poultry…

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Baker's Blade
Use this stainless steel baker's blade (lamé) with a plastic handle to cut ridges into baguettes to facilitate the rising of dough.

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Mandoline - Stainless steel
This mandoline slicer with adjustable cutting thickness, safety guard, and folding support legs enables you to uniformly slice and julienne fruits and vegetables. The interchangeable flat and ridged slicing blades slide and lock into place, and can be used in conjunction with any of the three…

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Pasta Wheel - Fluted
Use this fluted pasta cutter to cut dough, pastry, pasta, and other foods.

Dough Cutter - 9 wheels
This cutter makes it easy to cut lengths of pasta from your rolled dough. Nine fluted cutters cut 8 strips of dough simultaneously (each strip approximately 9/16" / 1.5 cm wide). Or, remove some of the cutters to cut wider strips. Also great for cookie and pastry dough.

Pastry Wheel - Soft grip
This stainless steel double-headed pastry wheel has a soft, comfortable santoprene rubber handle that allows for a stronger grip while preventing hand fatigue and cramping. The flat and fluted wheels may be used to cut all types of pastries and pastas. The high-quality handle provides a soft-touch,…
Size: 1½"

Cutting Board - Maple - 23 × 30
This professional cutting board is manufactured from maple with edge grain construction. It has a natural oil finish, is reversible, and has hand grips carved into two sides for easy handling.
Size: 23 × 30

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Pie and Cake Divider - 8 slices
It's as easy as pie to cut 8 perfect slices of pie with this pie divider. Simply press the divider gently into pie and cut along the marks for evenly cut slices. The sturdy aluminum divider is suitable for marking pies, cakes, and quiches. The easy-hold centre handle can be removed for compact…
Size: 8 slices
Capacity: 8 slices; fits pies and cakes up to 9"Dia

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Fondant Mat - Non-Adherent - Grid
This silicone mat provides an excellent non-stick surface on which to roll out fondant, gum paste, or pastry. An easy-to-read grid (marked in both inches and centimetres) allows you to roll out the proper size of fondant to cover your cake, or pastry to fill a pie dish. The mat may also be used to…
Size: 24 × 36

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Turning Slicer - Horizontal - Spiromat
Garnishing food with eye-catching displays of uniquely sliced fruit and vegetables. This turning slicer features 3 interchangeable, heavy-duty, stainless steel slicing attachments that cut vegetables and fruits into spirals, spaghettis, or rings. Use the unit for creating professional-looking…

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Bread Slicing Guide - with Crumb Catcher
This slicing aid for bread ensures a consistent thickness of the slices while avoiding the risk of cutting one's hand. The slicing guide's back panel is removable to accommodate longer loaves of bread (such as baguettes). The base of the slicing guide has open slats to catch crumbs.

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Mandoline Slicer - Wide (Benriner)
This mandoline slicer is a must-have for the home chef who wants professional-looking presentations. The slicer has a wide cutting channel that allows for slicing of larger produce, while sharp, quality stainless steel blades provide a clean and sharp cut to any vegetable. The slicer comes equipped…
Size: Wide

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Mezzaluna & Board Set
Easily mince herbs, garlic, and nuts with this two-handed mezzaluna. Simply roll the mezzaluna (Italian for "half moon") back and forth over the herbs to cut them as finely or coarsely as you desire. The mezzaluna board has a well to contain the herbs in the center of the cutting board.

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Squeeze Bottle Set - 2 oz
This clear plastic (slightly opaque) squeeze dispenser bottle may be used to fill chocolate moulds or for decorating with chocolate. The bottle is made of microwave safe plastic for melting chocolate directly in the bottle. Includes small-holed plastic tips for dispensing the chocolate and a…
Pack of 2
Size: 2 oz
Capacity: 2 ounces/59 millilitres

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Cheese Slicer Wire
Replacement stainless steel wire for the Fox Run marble cheese slicers.

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Decorating Gloves
These food-safe disposable vinyl gloves keep your hands clean, odour-free, and protected in and out of the kitchen and provide for excellent manual dexterity. Prevent colour stains when tinting icing or fondant, keep fingerprints off homemade chocolates, and eliminate burning skin when cutting hot,…
Box of 100 gloves (50 pairs)

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Popsicle Mould - Squares
Enjoy some family fun creating frozen treats in your favourite flavours. This space-saving set allows you to make from one to six popsicles using interlocking moulds that easily snap together and can be removed one at a time. The reusable square-detailed sticks each have a drip guard to help…
Set of 12: 6 moulds and 6 sticks

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Batter Dispenser - Oval
Accurately measure consistent, even portions of batter for perfect muffins, pancakes, cookies, and more with this batter dispenser. The easy-to-read measurement guide ensures consistent portions of batter are dispensed. Forget the mess of scooping batter into a pan with a spoon, use this dispenser…
Capacity: 2¾ cups/650 millilitres

Tortilla Press - 8"
Use this tortilla press to flatten balls of dough into thin tortillas before cooking. A leveraged handle makes it easy to use.
Size: 8"

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Mandoline - V-blade - White
Easily create a variety of vegetable cuts using this versatile mandoline. A slicing plate and 1/8"/3.5 mm and ¼"/7 mm julienne plates, each of which adjust to multiple thicknesses, produce 10 different cuts, including slices, julienne, shreds, cubes, and French fries. A push-button adjustment…
Set of 6: mandoline, 3 plates (slicing, 3.5 mm julienne, and 7 mm julienne), plate storage attachment, and food guard
Colour/Pattern: White

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Mandoline Slicer (Benriner)
Japanese mandoline vegetable slicer with safety guard, adjustable cutting thickness, and three removable julienne blades. Use the flat blade alone to slice vegetables and fruit, or use one of the fine, medium, and coarse toothed blades for making french fries, shoestring, or julienne potatoes,…

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Cheese Slicer - Soft grip
Slicing cheese is easy with this wire cheese slicer. The stainless steel wire is easy to load and is tightened into place with a convenient tensioning wheel. The tensioning wheel can also be used to tighten wires that loosen over time. The cheese slicer has a soft, comfortable handle that allows…

Fondant Mat - Non-Adherent - Red
This silicone mat provides an excellent non-stick surface on which to roll out fondant, gum paste, or pastry. The mat may also be used to transfer fondant from the work area to the cake.
Size: 24 × 36
Colour/Pattern: Red

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Pasta Machine
This quality pasta machine has a 6"W dough roller unit for rolling and kneading and a removable double cutter head for making 1/16" (2 mm) tagliatelle (flat spaghetti) and ¼" (6.5 mm) fettucine. An adjustment dial allows the pasta to be produced in up to six thicknesses. The machine also features…

Mandoline Slicer & Grater
This versatile seven-in-one mandoline-style slicer and grater slices vegetables and fruit; makes french fries, shoestring, and julienne potatoes.
Set includes seven-in-one slicer and grater with guard and 4 attachments

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Scoop - # 40 - Soft Grip
For easy scooping and consistently round cookies, this scoop has soft grips that absorb pressure while you squeeze to easily release your cookie dough.
Size: #40
Capacity: 2 tablespoons (approximate)

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Scissors - Soft-grip - Yellow
These multi-purpose scissors feature precision stainless steel blades and soft grip handles for comfort and control. Use the indispensable kitchen helpers for snipping herbs, cutting string or cardboard, opening packages, and more.
Colour/Pattern: Yellow

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Wavy Vegetable Knife - Red
This wavy knife makes fast and fancy cuts to create designer style dishes with ease. Use for slicing potatoes, carrots, cucumber, and other vegetables.
Colour/Pattern: Red

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Chinois Set
A chinois (or cap strainer) is the ideal tool for straining soups or large quantities of liquids. The perforated stainless steel strainer prevents vegetables, meat, and bones from passing through the strainer. The stand allows the chinois to be suspended over any bowl, or it can rest over the side…
3 piece set: chinois, stand, and pestle

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Pastry Mat - 18 × 24
This pastry mat is great for rolling out dough, as well as for chopping, slicing, and dicing. The mat is marked with measurements on all four sides and circles for pies, tarts, and pizzas for easily rolling out dough to the proper dimensions.
Size: 18 × 24

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Ice Pop Moulds - Push-Up
Fill, freeze, and enjoy treats you create from juice, purée, yogourt, soda, ice cream, pudding, apple sauce, gelatin, fruit, and more! The convenient push-up design of these ice pop moulds make it fun and easy to use, and helps reduce drips and messes. The lid securely holds in ingredients before…
Set of 4
Colour/Pattern: Green, red, blue, and yellow

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Popsicle Mould - Robot
Enjoy some family fun creating frozen robot-shaped treats in your favourite flavours.This space-saving set allows you to make from one to six popsicles using interlocking moulds that easily snap together and can be removed one at a time. The resuable gear-shaped sticks each have a drip guard to…
Set of 12: 6 moulds and 6 sticks
Capacity: 80 millilitres/2.7 ounces per cavity

Molcajete - Granite
This rough-hewn Mexican-style molcajete (mortar and pestle) is sculpted from natural granite and is great for crushing the flavour out of fresh or dried herbs and spices. The premium quality mortar is heavy, well balanced, and suitable for rigorous pounding and grinding; the pestle's design allows…
Size: 8"
Colour/Pattern: Grey
Capacity: 3 cups/750 millilitres

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Popsicle Mould with Sippers
Create a variety of frosty treats with these flexible popsicle moulds. Finished popsicles can be removed from the mould one-at-a-time; the built in handles and deep drip guards help protect fingers from getting sticky. A built-in straw on the base of each holder allows for melted popsicle drippings…
Set of 5: 4 handles/drip guards and 4-cavity mould stand


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