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Cookie Decorating
Decorating cookies is a wonderful way to create small, edible works of art. From simple piping to elaborate hand moulding, there are limitless ways to beautify cookies. This book takes the satisfying art of decorating cookies to a new level with fabulous, new techniques as well as traditional and…
46 pages, softcover

Fondant Modeling for Cake Decorators
Ever more popular, fondant cakes have been featured everywhere, from Martha Stewart Living to TLC’s Cake Boss and the FoodNetwork’s Ace of Cakes. Fondant cakes are appearing at children’s parties and are the standard for weddings. Home bakers are now learning how to save…
256 pages, hardcover

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Perfect Patisserie
Perfect Patisserie is designed to help ambitious home cooks take the next steps in fancy baking. It provides clear instruction on how to make the components of patisseries, shows how to assemble them, and gives over 100 inspired ways to perfect the gorgeous delights found in Parisian shops…
160 pages, plastic-laminated hardcover

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Digital Scale - Multi-Purpose - Rose
This multi-purpose electronic scale is equipped with highly accurate durable sensors and is perfect for kitchen, office, and laboratory use. The scale features a removable stainless steel weighing platform, which makes clean-up fast and easy. The large LCD display has easy-touch buttons which are…
Size: 6 kg
Colour/Pattern: Silver
Capacity: 13 pounds/6 kilograms with 0.1 ounce/1 gram precision

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Don't Fear the Fondant!
by Duff
Don't Fear the Fondant! is an excellent beginners guide to working with fondant. In this booklet, Duff Goldman delivers 'Fondant 101' basics from "What the heck is fondant?" to rolling out fondant, to how to cover and decorate cakes with fondant. Vivid pictures and clear step-by-step…
15 pages, softcover

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Best of the Bundt Cookbook
The Bundt pan has been around for over 60 years and it remains a favourite for the home baker. Simply dusted with confectioners’ sugar or drizzled with a delicious glaze, the Bundt cake is reminiscent of gatherings, family traditions, and special occasions. Few desserts come out of the oven to…
84 pages, hardcover

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Cake Decorating Yearbook - 2014
The ultimate resource book for the professional baker and hobbyist alike, there's no better place to find that unforgettable decorated cake or dessert than the Wilton Yearbook. This is the 50th year of the Wilton Yearbook and in this special anniversary edition there are more than 250 exciting cake…
248 pages, softcover

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500 Cakes
500 Cakes contains 500 mouthwatering recipes for every party, celebration, simple gathering, and special occasion, from elaborate holiday cakes to fun children's birthday cakes, you'll find just what you need for every celebration. Create traditional celebration cakes with baking inspiration…
288 pages, hardcover

175 Best Mini-Pie Recipes
Mini pies are the new cupcakes and cake pops. Mini pies are one of the most popular trends in baking, leading the way in the mini-dessert craze. Everyone loves these adorable, fun-sized desserts and savoury morsels that are perfect whether on the go, hosting an elegant party, or just snooping for…
332 pages, softcover

Wilton Tiered Cakes
Experience today's most contemporary looks in reception cakes. Wilton Tiered Cakes reflects the new options in colour and shape which make bridal, shower, and anniversary cakes so unforgettable. You'll see how exciting it can be to mix up colours on a wedding cake using textured fondant or…
128 pages, softcover

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Sugar Flowers
In Sugar Flowrs Jill Maytham of JEM Cutters teaches you how to make dozens of gumpaste flowers. The book features over 1000 easy "look and learn" illustrations.
hardcover, 232 pages

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500 Smoothies & Juices
500 Smoothies & Juices is a comprehensive collection of quick and easy smoothies and juices recipes you can make in your own home. Each recipe offers a delicious way to get daily doses of fruits and/or vegetables. This book is the only smoothie and juice compendium you'll ever need; it…
288 pages, hardcover

Girls' Guide to Grilling
Who knows when, or why, or how it all came about, but men historically have taken the lead when it comes to grilling. That being the case, the sport of grilling has come to be dominated by images of chest-pounding, fire-breathing, testosterone-marinated men out minding the fire while the women stay…
40 pages, softcover

Brownie Fun!
This book proves that brownies can be as colourful and fun as your favourite party treats. In Brownie Fun! the fudgy treats everyone loves take on amazing new shapes and dazzling colours that will be the talk of your next celebration. Brownie Fun! is packed with over 140 easy-to-make…
112 pages, softcover

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Creating Wedding & Anniversary Cakes
This wonderful collection of inspirational wedding and anniversary cakes in a wide variety of styles and themes features cakes designed by 16 well-known cake decorators from both the United Kingdom and the United States.

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225 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes
Imagine being able to prepare a wonderful beef stew in only 15 minutes, or a rich, creamy cheesecake in only 20 minutes. That's a complete meal in just a little more than half an hour! And it's what you'll be able to enjoy with your pressure cooker and 225 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes. While…
368 pages, softcover

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Risotto for All Seasons
From laid back family lunches to special celebrations, risottos may be easily adapted to suit any occasion. A classic Parmesan risotto can be completely transformed by adding a handful of beans or even a few slices of truffles to produce wonderfully diverse results. This quintessential Northern…
64 pages, hardcover

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Cake Decorating Lesson Plan - Flowers & Cake Design - French
Participant guide for the Wilton Flowers and Cake Design course, which builds on the basics and introduces you to sophisticated ways to bring your cakes and desserts to life. The lesson plan provides instruction on creating breathtaking icing flowers including roses, rosebuds, daffodils, violets,…
44 pages, softcover

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All About Candy Making
This ultimate book for candy making is filled with recipes, instructions, and ideas from the very simple to the unique. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished candy maker, you will enjoy this comprehensive guide to candy making. Basic instructions and dozens of mouth-watering recipes include:…
48 pages, softcover

Cookbook Stand - Pop-Up
Keep your cookbook upright and ready for use with this pop-up cookbook stand. The stand auto-opens for easy loading and can accommodate very thick and tall books without tipping over. The clear splatter screen holds cookbooks securely in place and upright at an easy-to-read angle without distorting…
Colour/Pattern: White

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Cake Decorating Skills
Baking fancy cakes at home is fast become a popular hobby, and enthusiasts are always looking for new inspiration and ways to improve theirskills. Cake Decorating Skills reveals professional cake-decorating secrets that can be easily mastered by even a novice baker. Step-by-step photography…
176 pages, hardcover

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Cake Decorating Reference Manual
Decorating tips are more than the basic tools of decorating. They're the decorator's means of self-expression. This book will broaden the artistic range of all decorators. It familiarizes you with an extensive array of decorating tips, many of which you have likely never used, or haven't used in…

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Smoker Recipe Collection
The process of smoke-cooking foods was developed out of necessity to preserve food, especially meats, before the invention of refrigeration. An unintended benefit of this Old World technique was the strong, distinct flavour imparted to the smoked foods from the wood. Although the smoking technique…
160 pages, softcover

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100 Fondant Animal Cake Toppers
Fondant-decorated cakes are an important part of today's celebrations and now more than ever, bakers are choosing to make specialty cakes at home. 100 Fondant Animal Cake Toppers is a practical guide to making charming fondant toppers for any occasion. Straight-forward instructions and…
256 pages, spiral-bound softcover

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300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes
When is a rice cooker not only a rice cooker? When it becomes one of the most versatile and useful tools in any contemporary cook's kitchen. Yes, you can make perfect rice in a rice cooker, but did you know that whole grains and beans are also perfectly suited to this appliance? 300 Best Rice…
400 pages, softcover

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200 Tips for Cake Decorating
200 Tips for Cake Decorating is an indispensible compendium of essential knowledge and troubleshooting tips. This book is crammed with information on the art and craft of using fondant. Today, a tastefully decorated cake is expected for birthday parties, weddings, and any important…
160 pages, plastic-laminated hardcover

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Sugar Flower Skills
Sugar Flower Skills is a beautifully presented catalog of 25 fabulous blooms in a range of styles and degrees of complexity, with all the information and guidance needed to recreate them. Many are ideal for beginners and bome bakers.
The book opens with a comprehensive selection on…
176 pages, hardcover

Cake Pops! Recipe Booklet
Cake pops have become very popular and this booklet delivers 10 delightful and easy recipes for those tasty treats-on-a-stick. Recipes include red velvet, lime, peanut butter chocolate, pumpkin spice, mint cake pops, and more.
12 pages, softcover

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Video - Chocolate Transfer Sheets
This DVD contains nine instructional step-by-step tutorials for turning simple cakes, cookies and candies into outstanding edible art. Beginners will love the ease of making delicious, impressive treats, while those with experience will be inspired to try their own creations. Techniques include…

150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches features creative, inventive recipes for North America's top comfort food -- more than 2 billion grilled cheese sandwiches are eaten each year! The classic grilled cheese sandwich is now one of the biggest trends in cooking and enjoying an incredible…
224 pages, softcover

100 Best Decorated Cookies
Hand-crafted cookies from your kitchen are the perfect gift and great for any occasion! Both the occassional holiday home baker and the seasoned pro will delight in Julie Anne Hession's designs and ideas. This fun and creative book features tempting cookie decorating ideas for a wide array of…
256 pages, concealed wirebound hardcover

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Complete Book of Home Preserving
From the experts, this is the definitive book on home preserving. As nutrition and food quality have become more important, home canning and preserving has increased in popularity for the benefits it offers: cooks gain control of the ingredients, including organic fruits and vegetables; preserving…

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150 Best Ebleskiver Recipes
Aebleskivers are small Danish puffed pancakes made in a special multi-well pan. Sweet and savoury variations of this petite puff are appearing on restaurant menus and at farmer's markets across North America. The widespread availability of the pans has encouraged home cooks to join in the fun of…
256 pages, softcover

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Sous Vide One Pots
When cooked sous vide, one-pot recipes transcend the notion of convenient-but-bland dishes. The vacuum-sealed pouch ensures that the food being cooked cannot dry out, and locks in flavour and nutrients. And because individual foods can be simmered in separate pouches in the water bath, their…
64 pages, softcover

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Creating Celebration Cakes and Sugar Flowers
Enjoy the magic of creating your own celebration cakes with the help and guidance from a team of expert cake decorators from one the United Kingdom's leading sugarcraft companies. This book contains a collection of 32 wonderful projects for all occasions, complete with simple step-by-step pictures…
120 pages, softcover

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Recipe Rock - Black
Recipe sheets always seem to get in the way when you're cooking. Use this recipe rock to hold up to 8 pages of recipes in easy reach; the base and magnetic ball make it easy to keep your recipes in a convenient location without taking up all your counter space. The recipe rock is great for holding…
Colour/Pattern: Black
Capacity: Holds up to 8 pages


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